Raintree Estonia is a software company that has been creating medical software for the U.S. market in the center of Tartu for more than a decade. We are actually celebrating our 15th anniversary this year! We co-partner with the U.S. company Raintree Systems Inc that has more than 30 years of experience in the field.

Our continuously growing team consists of the university town’s brightest and most creative individuals and brilliant minds. Together we make the U.S. doctors’ and other medical workers’ everyday work fast, easy and comfortable, and ensure that every patient’s medical records are handled systematically and safely.

If we need a break from this highly responsible work, then we take a break in our office’s cozy rest areas or let off some steam in the gym. Occasional social events have brought us closer to each other, which guarantees effective cooperation among us.

As a modern IT-company, we are strangers to bureaucratic documentation and hierarchical work relationships. Our free and creative atmosphere ensures our employees’ satisfaction and good spirits.